Diwali 2022

When is Diwali


   The Diwali Festival of Lights is primarily a Hindu festival. But it is celebrated not only in India: all over the world people light oil lamps to attract the goddess of fortune Lakshmi. Diwali means new beginnings. Some see Diwali as an alternative to the European New Year: children receive gifts, people wear their best clothes, visit relatives, enjoy delicious food and, most importantly, lots of sweets.

   Diwali takes place on a different date each year, as the holiday is based on the calendar of ancient India. This year, the holiday begins on October 24 and, as always, will last 5 days. All these days music, congratulations and wishes of health and happiness are heard.

   The Diwali festival has different origins in different regions of India; however, the meaning of the holiday is ultimately the same. The victory of life over death and light over darkness is glorified - a motif central to all these legends. The name of Diwali Festival is translated as "Festival of Lights". It is celebrated every autumn on such a scale that it can be seen even from space.

   The festival starts two days before Diwali itself. During the period, everyone is preparing for the holiday. On the first day, the house is traditionally cleaned first. According to legend, whoever has the cleanest house on that day will be the first to be visited by the goddess.

   On this day, fireworks are arranged on the streets and houses are decorated with many lamps. Fireworks symbolize the expulsion of negativity and turn night into day. Since the Diwali festival takes place on the darkest night - the new moon - people light diya lamps to defeat the darkness and to achieve health, wealth, knowledge, peace and glory. Many couples in love try to get married in the light of festive lights.

   The fourth day is considered the first of the New Year and the deities Krishna and Vishnu are worshiped on it. Everyone exchanges gifts and good wishes on this day. Gifts can be very different, although sweets are especially popular on this holiday. We hope you can start the New Year for yourself and make a wonderful, delicious gift to all your family, loved ones and friends with the help of our beautiful sets. Red ripe strawberries are a wonderful gift, because red in Hinduism marks activity, strength and energy. Incredibly juicy and delicious strawberries in chocolate will symbolically reflect your wishes for a happy holiday. Festive sets of nuts - almonds, cashews, peanuts - are also in great demand.

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