When it’s time to express a heartfelt apology, WOWBouquet’s selection of gifts featuring premium fruit arrangements and flowers can play a vital role in mending fences. Our carefully curated assortment offers a variety of options to show your sincerity and make amends effectively.

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Strawberry with Macarons Gift Basket


Apple Basket


Side of Peonies


The New Yorker – Floral Arrangement


Basket with Sunflowers


Mistakes happen and sending a heartfelt apology can go a long way. WOWBouquet is here to assist you in finding and delivering "I'm sorry" gifts that will genuinely convey your deepest regrets. Whether you forgot a significant date or need to clear up a misunderstanding, a meaningful apology is always valuable and cherished. Our assortment of apology gifts includes a diverse range of options tailored to show how much you care.

Opting for "I'm sorry" gift baskets or boxes from WOWBouquet can significantly enhance your apology. Our collection features a mix of premium fruit arrangements or floral arrangements, ensuring you find the perfect gesture to mend things. From the Elegant Roses Bouquet, to more classic choices like Cheese Basket, we cater to all tastes.

We've curated a selection of top-tier "I'm sorry" gifts perfect for both men and women. Let WOWBouquet help you make amends with thoughtful and impactful gifts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I select specific delivery times for my "I'm sorry" gifts from WOWBouquet?
WOWBouquet accommodates requests for specific delivery times within our delivery zones, which include the NYC area, New Jersey, Connecticut, and Pennsylvania. It's best to place your order in advance and specify your preferred delivery time during checkout.

What types of flowers are best for an apology gift from WOWBouquet?
Traditional choices like roses and lilies are popular for apologies due to their beauty and elegance. Our 2 Dozen Red Roses arrangement is particularly effective for expressing sincere apologies.

How can I ensure my WOWBouquet gift conveys the right message?
Adding a personalized message to your gift can clarify your intentions and enhance the emotional impact of your apology. WOWBouquet offers the option to include a custom note with any purchase.

Are there non-floral "I'm sorry" gifts available at WOWBouquet?
Yes, besides floral arrangements, we provide gourmet gift baskets such as our Meat Basket Deluxe, which features a selection of premium savories suitable for a thoughtful apology.

What should I do if I need to send an apology gift outside the usual delivery areas of WOWBouquet?
For deliveries outside our usual service areas of NYC, NJ, CT, and PA, it's advisable to contact our customer service team directly. We might be able to arrange a special delivery or provide suitable alternatives.