Send a WOWBouquet care package to share delicious fruits and brighten your loved ones’ day. With same-day delivery in NYC, NJ, and the five boroughs, as well as nationwide shipping, WOWBouquet offers a variety of options, from floral and fruit baskets to gift boxes and more.

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Send a Care Package to Friends and Family

Living apart from family and friends can create a sense of separation. Bridge the gap by sending a carefully curated care package that brings a piece of home straight to their doorstep, letting them feel your presence and care. Whether they are serving the nation, camping in the wild, or studying on campus, nothing says ‘thinking of you’ like a box filled with both wholesome chocolate items and delightful sweets to brighten their day.

Ideas for Camp Care Packages

Send a beacon of love to those at summer camp or on an outdoor trek. Our care packages, stocked with tasty snacks including chocolates, fruits, nuts, and macarons, are sure to warm their hearts and connect them with home. The pleasure of unwrapping a fruit basket filled with goodies from someone who cares is priceless.

Unique Care Packages for Friends & Collegiate Care Kits

Surprise your friends and family with a gourmet care package loaded with exquisite snacks, premium fruit baskets, and succulent dried fruits. WOWBouquet ensures you'll find just the right ensemble to support students, close friends, and relatives from afar, helping them feel comforted and connected. Also, don’t forget to send themed gifts during the holidays to spread some festive joy.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What options are available for customizing a WOWBouquet care package with fresh fruits or chocolates?
At WOWBouquet, you can personalize your care package by selecting from a range of options including various chocolate gift boxes, fresh fruit baskets, and fruit arrangements. You can mix and match products to cater to the tastes and preferences of your recipient, ensuring a truly tailored gifting experience.

How quickly can I expect domestic delivery of my care package?
WOWBouquet provides prompt domestic delivery services. Depending on your location and the final destination within the country, delivery times may vary. We recommend placing your order at least a few days in advance to ensure timely delivery, especially during busy holiday periods. For NYC, NJ and 5 Boroughs, same-day delivery service is available.

How does WOWBouquet ensure the freshness of fruits and chocolates in the care packages?
We prioritize the freshness of our products. For fruits, we source them locally to ensure they are fresh when arranged and delivered. Our chocolates are carefully packaged to maintain their quality and integrity during transportation.

Can I include a personalized message with my WOWBouquet care package?
Absolutely! At WOWBouquet, we encourage adding a personalized touch to your gift. You can include a custom message with any care package, which we will beautifully integrate into your selected arrangement or basket, making your gift even more special.

What are some popular WOWBouquet care packages for special occasions like birthdays or anniversaries?
For special occasions, our customers often prefer a mix of fresh fruit arrangements and chocolate gift boxes to celebrate. Some popular choices include our chocolate-dipped fruit assortments and our elegantly arranged fruit baskets that combine both aesthetic appeal and delicious taste, perfect for making any birthday or anniversary memorable.