In 2018, Diana and Tim Valishin transformed a personal quest into a flourishing business. Their journey began with a simple need: to find a unique and memorable arrangement for a birthday. Yet, they faced a challenge - the market didn't offer what they were envisioning. This gap sparked an innovative idea, leading to the birth of their own venture, WOWBouquet.

Diana and Tim's concept was revolutionary: a fusion of floral elegance with delectable delights. They began experimenting, blending the natural beauty of flowers with a variety of tantalizing elements. Fresh fruits, rich chocolates, delicate macarons, and other exquisite treats were combined to create not just bouquets, but experiences. Among these creations, their chocolate-covered strawberries and macarons stood out, offering a taste of sweet indulgence amidst floral charm.

The first creations of WOWBouquet were shared with friends and family. With each handcrafted bouquet, they witnessed a consistent and heartfelt reaction – a resounding "WOW". This reaction not only reinforced their belief in their unique concept but also became the cornerstone of their brand identity.

Thus, WOWBouquet was born, a name that perfectly encapsulates the essence of their creations. Each arrangement is a testament to Diana and Tim's vision – a harmonious blend of flora and culinary artistry, designed to elicit wonder and joy in every recipient. As they continue to innovate and expand their offerings, WOWBouquet remains committed to delivering moments of awe and happiness, one bouquet at a time.