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Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Holiday

   Thanksgiving Day is a big holiday in the USA and known all over the world. Traditions are associated with this holiday, which are sacredly observed. First of all, this is a family holiday. Parents, children and grandchildren, close friends gather at the table and spend the whole day together. After all, family well-being is more precious than anything in the world. This holiday helps to promote the upbringing of good human relationships in the family. This holiday is kind, warm and cozy.

   Officially, Thanksgiving began to be celebrated in 1863, but the date of the holiday has constantly changed. Only in 1941 did the US Congress pass a bill according to which Thanksgiving Day should be celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November. This year we will celebrate the long-awaited holiday on November 24th.

   On Thanksgiving Day, all family members gather for a common meal. The preparation of traditional festive dishes occupies a huge place in the cultural tradition of the holiday. Often treats are prepared by the whole family the day before the festival, because the festive menu is usually very extensive, and the portions are huge. At the same time, dishes such as baked turkey and pumpkin pie are mandatory on the table. According to historians, the first settlers ate the same at a feast with the Indians.

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   Thanksgiving is a time for giving gifts to family and friends. You can please your loved ones with pumpkin pie, homemade cookies, boiled corn. What if you want to present something special? A gift in the form of a bouquet of chocolate-covered strawberries will delight the whole family. Our experts will help you choose the design, add a postcard with beautiful wishes and gratitude. Give our bouquets to show your appreciation and respect to elders, friends, your brothers and sisters. Here you can choose the most delicious and memorable bouquet for a family holiday. And believe me - there are not many flowers. And if it is a bouquet of strawberries in chocolate, most likely one bouquet will not be enough. Delight in the eyes of your loved ones is the best words of gratitude.

Thanksgiving Tradition  

 According to tradition, before starting the meal, they say in turn what they are grateful for. Our bouquet can be made part of this beautiful ceremony. Passing on to each other, everyone sitting at the table says what he is grateful for and treats him with strawberries. In this game, a sweet bouquet will bring the whole family together and make the holiday unforgettable. Ripe hearts of berries and a luxurious addition - chocolate will please everyone. And we will be glad for this magnificent opportunity to make you happy. Gifts made from chocolate and strawberries leave pleasant memories and cause great delight. We can create bright original compositions, conveying your emotions and feelings. We always have only the freshest berries and the most delicious chocolate.

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We thank you for choosing us and trusting us! And Happy Thanksgiving!