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Halloween Holiday

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History of the Halloween Holiday!


   Halloween is perhaps one of the most mystical holidays of the year, which is loved and celebrated all over the world. It is on this day that they dress up in evil spirits and funny costumes, go to neighbors and ask for candy. The name of the holiday does not come from "hell". Halloween is short for "All hallows ween".

   Modern Halloween is a modified holiday of the ancient Celts called Samhain, which marked the end of one agricultural year and the beginning of the next. The Celts divided the year into two equal halves: light (summer) and dark (winter). The festivities dragged on for a week. However, the climax of the holiday fell on the night of October 31 to November 1 - the junction of two seasons. The Celts believed that the last night of the outgoing year was the most mystical. According to legend, it was at this time that terrible spirits entered the world of the living.

To scare away evil spirits, the Celts put out fires in houses, put on animal skins, painted their faces, and then went to jump over fires and sing obscene songs. In order to prevent evil spirits from indulging in abandoned houses, the Celts left terrible “watchmen” - carved figures from fodder turnips. In order to appease the spirits, treats were placed near the dwellings.

Days until Halloween:

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   Today, the celebration of Halloween is also accompanied by various games and fortune-telling. People decorate their houses with lanterns, pumpkins. Various meals are prepared for the holiday. Children in costumes go from house to house and beg for sweets with phrases like "sweet or nasty." A set of chocolate covered strawberries will be a healthy alternative to many sweets. It would seem that this is just berries in chocolate - but no! This is the tender pulp of strawberries, hidden under delicious chocolate. Even the most terrible monster will not remain indifferent to such a treat. The delicate taste of strawberries and chocolate melting in your mouth will turn an evil hero into a kind and well-fed friend.

   Bouquets for Halloween can not only be a delicious gift, but also the highlight of your image. It's clear that zombies and a bouquet are something out of the ordinary, but if a Halloween bouquet appears in the hands of a vampire queen or a young witch, such a character will immediately attract attention. An original approach to diversify the holiday. Both kids and adults will love it! This sweet gift will appease "evil spirits" and delight your guests.

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