October – Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Breast Cancer Awareness Month October

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Since 1993, the World Health Organization has declared October as Breast Cancer Awareness Month. In October, events are held annually in different countries to attract public attention to the problem, early detection and treatment for this disease. This initiative has spurred many countries to devote more resources to research and treatment, providing many women and their families with new hope and a new life.

In most countries of the world, the incidence of breast cancer is increasing, and this is due to various factors. According to WHO, breast cancer is the most common cancer among women worldwide. It accounts for 21% of established cancer diagnoses. Recovery reaches 90% with early detection of the disease indicator. Therefore, it is extremely important to conduct regular medical examinations of the whole body and master simple and effective methods of self-diagnosis.

We want to take part with you and emphasize that in the life of every woman there is a free five minutes to pay attention to her own body. now is the time to give your beloved women a gift - our healthy and tasty bouquet, with a pink ribbon. Why the pink ribbon? This has become the symbol of supporting the breast cancer program.

Our main goal is to draw attention to this global problem and remind how important early diagnosis is. Pink color in this case speaks of love of life, happiness and hope. Our participation helps in the fight against cancer. Bring hope to life! Throughout October, our bouquets will participate in this promotion.

The mission of our brand is to make sure that as many people as possible know about the risks and signs of breast cancer. Our bouquet, which you present to your beloved and dear women, will remind them of the need to pay a little attention to themselves.

Sweet strawberries are a symbol of the heart, and the heart must beat and be healthy. This juicy, tasty and incredibly healthy berry. One of the main medicinal properties of strawberries is the prevention of cancer. It saves from anemia and beriberi, heart and liver diseases, normalizes blood cholesterol levels. Strawberries are always positive emotions. It gives joy, cheerfulness, a sense of pleasure and inspiration, and fights fatigue. With strawberries, no stress is terrible!

Chocolate is not only a delicious treat, but also healthy. natural antioxidants found in chocolate improve mood and improve memory, prevent diabetes, promote weight loss and protect against cancer. Scientists have proven that regular consumption of dark chocolate, which contains at least 65% cocoa, can reduce the risk of cancer. Researchers from the American Cancer Society assures that a diet rich in flavonoids prevents damage to body cells by dangerous free radicals, which cause cancer.

Our chocolate-covered strawberries bouquet features an array of pink blooms the hallmark symbol of breast cancer awareness. On our site you can choose an original handmade creation. WOWBouquet offers a variety of options: bouquets, boxes, etc. No matter whom you choose to honor during Breast Cancer Awareness Month this October, our professionals will help you select the best floral arrangements and gifts to show your support, gratitude, or sympathy for those whose lives have been touched by breast cancer.

Watch your health and remember that five minutes of breast diagnosis will save years of your life. And a small heart in the form of chocolate-covered strawberries will surely please everyone to whom you give this gift.