50 Types of Candy you Must Try

From the rich decadence of chocolate bars to the nostalgic charm of old-school favorites, the candy universe is a vibrant world of flavors waiting to be explored. Candy lovers have witnessed the transformation of simple treats into gourmet experiences, with chocolate candies sitting atop the candy hierarchy.

With the surge in candy stores near me and countless candy brands vying for attention, finding the perfect treat can sometimes feel overwhelming. So, for those with a sweet tooth and for the occasional indulgers, we've curated a list of 50 must-try candies. Whether you're on the hunt for the best candy bars or seeking to discover a new favorite from the extensive list of candies available, this guide is your golden ticket to a world of sweetness. And, no surprises here, our journey begins with the ultimate indulgence: Chocolate Covered Strawberries!"

Elevating the candy realm, these aren't just any treats but artisanal masterpieces. Made with luxurious premium Belgian chocolate, these chocolate flowers capture the essence of sophistication and gourmet taste. Encapsulated within the rich chocolate petals are the sweetness of dried strawberries and the soft fluffiness of marshmallows. It's no wonder they're the talk of every high-end candy store near me. These chocolates effortlessly bridge the gap between candies and art.


The world of candy bars boasts many legends, but few are as universally adored as the Milky Way. This enticing mix of nougat, caramel, and chocolate offers layers of flavor, making it a top pick in many candy lists.

A stalwart in the realm of chocolate candy bars, Snickers combines peanuts, caramel, nougat, and chocolate to create a snack that satiates both hunger and taste buds.

Striking a harmonious chord between peanut butter and chocolate, Reese's Peanut Butter Cups have cemented their status as classic American candy.

Amongst the pantheon of best candy bars, Twix stands out with its unique offering of biscuit, caramel, and chocolate, presenting a trio of textures and tastes.

More than a mere chocolate bar, Kit Kat provides a break like no other. Its crisp wafer and smooth chocolate make it a favored choice among candy aficionados.

These aren't just candies; they're icons in the world of confectionery. Their colorful exterior and solid chocolate core have garnered a massive fan following, making them a staple in almost every candy warehouse.

Crunchy, rich with peanut butter, and enrobed in a chocolate shell, Butterfinger offers a delightful sensory experience, distinguishing itself from other chocolate candies.

A name synonymous with chocolate bars, the classic Hershey's Milk Chocolate Bar is a testament to timelessness. As a staple chocolate bar in any candy list, its smoothness and rich flavor have endeared it to generations of candy lovers.

Diverging from the world of chocolate candy, Gummy Bears introduce a chewy, fruity realm of delight. They might not be chocolate bars, but they hold a special place in the hearts of candy lovers everywhere.

A tropical escape in the form of a candy bar, Almond Joy combines the rich taste of almonds, sweet coconut, and milk chocolate candy. It's a delightful trifecta that's hard to resist for anyone browsing candy stores near me.

An iconic American candy, the Tootsie Roll offers a chewy chocolate experience. While not strictly a chocolate bar, its unique texture and flavor make it a favorite on many candy lists

"Taste the rainbow" isn't just a slogan; it's an invitation to dive into the world of fruity candies. Skittles might not offer the cocoa delight of chocolate bars, but their burst of flavors earns them a coveted spot on candy stores shelves.

This chocolate candy bar features a medley of peanuts, rich caramel, and chewy nougat, all cloaked in a chocolate coat. It's a symphony of tastes and textures that solidifies its status amongst the best candy bars.

Venturing away from chocolate candies, Sour Patch Kids introduce a tangy twist. Their sour-then-sweet flavor profile guarantees a rollercoaster of taste sensations, making them a sought-after treat, especially among the younger crowd.

Soft, chewy, and bursting with fruitiness, Starburst stands out among candies that aren't chocolate-centric. With a range of flavors in every pack, it's no wonder they're a go-to for many seeking variety in their candy company choices.

Light, fluffy, and enveloped in rich chocolate, the 3 Musketeers bar is for those who prefer their chocolate candy bars without nuts or additional frills. Its airy nougat center sets it apart from other candy bars on the market.

These gummy fish-shaped candies, with their unmistakable fruit flavor, are a testament to the diverse types of candy available. They're a staple in many candy stores and a delightful break from the world of chocolate candies.

For those with a penchant for peanuts, PayDay offers a delectable experience. It's a celebration of crunchy peanuts held together by sweet caramel, differentiating itself from the typical chocolate candy bar.

Jolly Ranchers offer an intense burst of fruit flavor. These hard candies are perfect for those who seek a prolonged taste sensation, setting them apart in the vast sea of types of candy.

A classic among candies, Twizzlers are red licorice twists that provide a chewy and sweet experience. Not a chocolate bar, but surely a memorable treat that has its own devoted fan base.

A luxury in the realm of chocolate candies, Lindt Lindor Truffles ooze with a creamy center, promising an indulgent experience for those who crave premium chocolates, easily surpassing many other candy brands in richness.

Dive into the world of malted milk balls with Whoppers. Enrobed in chocolate, these candies stand out with their malty core, offering a different kind of delight than the average chocolate bar.

A tropical treat in the world of chocolate bars, Bounty bars are filled with moist coconut and cloaked in rich chocolate. They offer a brief escape to the tropics with every bite.

A departure from chocolate bars, Nerds are small, tangy, and crunchy candies. Their dual-flavored boxes and unmistakable shape make them a favorite for many perusing the types of candy at their local candy company.

For those who prefer their candies with a kick, Warheads offer a sour punch. Not your typical chocolate candy, these extreme sour candies challenge your taste buds in the best possible way.

For toffee lovers, the Heath Bar offers a delightful experience. This candy bar features crunchy toffee covered in milk chocolate, serving as a delightful texture and flavor combination for those searching candy stores near me.

These caramel-filled chocolate candies are perfect for movie nights or snacking on the go. Their chewy caramel core, paired with a chocolate coat, offers a delightful taste journey, setting them apart in the candy company lineup.

A vintage favorite among candies, Charleston Chew features flavored nougat wrapped in a chocolate layer. Often found in retro candy stores, its chewy texture and variety of flavors, from vanilla to strawberry, keep it relevant even today.

These everlasting, jawbreaker candies change colors and flavors as you enjoy them. While they might not belong to the realm of chocolate bars, their layered experience ensures they remain a popular pick for many.

These fruit-shaped and flavored hard candies appeal to those who favor fruity flavors over chocolate bars. With shapes like bananas, oranges, and strawberries, they're a fun, crunchy treat distinct from the usual candy bar lineup.

With a combination of caramel, crisped rice, and milk chocolate, the 100 Grand candy bar offers a mix of textures and flavors, making it a sought-after treat in many candy stores.

hese powdered candies come in colorful paper straws and offer a straight-up sugary rush. A far cry from the richness of chocolate candies, they're an instant nostalgia trip for many.

A childhood favorite, Ring Pops combine the joy of wearing jewelry with a sweet lollipop treat. Unlike the typical chocolate bar, it's a playful candy that appeals to the kid in all of us.

These chewy, tangy, and bright candies come in various fruit flavors. They're a fun, stretchy alternative to traditional candy bars and can be found in almost any candy company's offerings.

Creamy mint filling enrobed in a dark chocolate shell, Junior Mints are a refreshing treat. They're perfect for those searching for a palate cleanser after indulging in richer chocolate candy bars.

These are individual caramel-filled chocolate candies. Perfectly bite-sized, they offer a burst of caramel and chocolate in one go, a treat hard to resist in any candy warehouse.

Chewy, fruit-flavored capsules that come in an array of flavors. They're a sweet departure from the usual chocolate bar suspects, ensuring a fruity delight in every handful.

While often recognized as a breath mint, the fruity flavors of Mentos also place them firmly in the candy category. The chewy center and crunchy shell make them a different experience altogether compared to chocolate candies

These chewy fruit candies are similar in texture to Starbursts but boast their unique range of flavors. For those searching for candy stores near me, Mamba packs are a must-try among non-chocolate options.

Known for its luxurious gold wrapping, Ferrero Rocher is a chocolate candy that contains a hazelnut encased in a thin wafer shell, filled with hazelnut chocolate and coated in milk chocolate and chopped hazelnuts. It's become a staple in many candy stores worldwide.

A delight for both children and adults, this chocolate candy encases a toy within a shell of creamy milk chocolate. A two-in-one treat that merges the joy of chocolate bars and the excitement of discovering a toy inside.

This iconic triangular Swiss chocolate bar is studded with almond nougat and offers a rich, creamy experience, distinguishing itself from other chocolate candy bars in both taste and shape.

From the makers of Ferrero Rocher, Raffaello is a spherical coconut-almond confection. A crispy coconut coating covers a creamy center and a whole almond, offering a refreshing alternative to traditional chocolate candies.

A luxury chocolate candy brand that offers a wide range of gourmet chocolates, truffles, and other sweets. Its elegant packaging and high-quality ingredients make it a preferred gift choice.

While not a chocolate candy, this iconic lollipop from Spain has a variety of flavors, from creamy to fruity, and has captured hearts globally.

An upscale chocolate candy brand that combines Swiss and Belgian chocolates. Known for its exquisite packaging, it's a favorite for those searching for luxury chocolate candies as gifts.

Originating from San Francisco, these chocolate candies are renowned for their rich and creamy texture. They come in a variety of flavors, each filled with luscious fillings such as caramel, raspberry, and mint.

While not a chocolate candy, these small, hard mints have been a staple in candy stores near me and across the globe. They've diversified into various flavors, both minty and fruity.

A modern candy marvel, these are tiny sugar crystals that pop and fizz in your mouth. A fun experience for those looking to try candies beyond the usual.


  1. What are the most popular types of candies in the world?

    • Candies are enjoyed globally, and their popularity varies by region. However, some universally adored options include gummy bears, licorice, M&M's, Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, and Haribo products. The rise of international trade and global online candy stores have allowed many to try and fall in love with candies from different corners of the world.
  2. Are chocolate bars considered candy?

    • Yes, chocolate bars are a subset of candy. Candy is a broad term that encompasses a range of sweet treats, including hard candies, gummies, and chocolates. So, whether it's a Hershey bar or a Cadbury Dairy Milk, they all fall under the larger umbrella of candy bars.
  3. How can I find candy stores near me?

    • To find candy stores near you, you can use search engines like Google and enter "candy stores near me." Alternatively, online platforms like Yelp or TripAdvisor can provide reviews and directions to the nearest and best-rated candy shops in your vicinity.
  4. What's the difference between candies and chocolate candy?

    • While all chocolate candy is considered candy, not all candies are chocolate. Candies can range from hard sweets like lollipops to gummies and jellies. Chocolate candy, on the other hand, primarily contains chocolate as a primary ingredient, such as M&M's or Godiva Chocolates.
  5. Which candy bars list the most types of ingredients?

    • The list of ingredients in a candy bar varies widely based on its complexity and type. Generally, candy bars with multiple layers, flavors, or fillings, like Snickers or Twix, may have longer ingredient lists than simpler ones, like a basic Hershey's chocolate bar.
  6. What are the top 10 most popular candies right now?

    • The top 10 candies often vary year by year and region by region, but based on global sales and online buzz, some of the current favorites are: Chocolate flowers with Belgian chocolate, Ferrero Rocher, M&M's, Cadbury Dairy Milk, Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, Twix, Mars Bar, Haribo Tangfastics, Kit Kat, and Ghirardelli Chocolate Squares.
  7. Why are some candies so popular in certain regions and not others?

    • Candy preferences can be influenced by cultural tastes, historical availability, marketing, and local ingredients. For instance, licorice is incredibly popular in Northern Europe but might not be a favorite in other parts of the world. Similarly, certain chocolate candies might be household names in one country and completely unknown in another due to marketing strategies or regional tastes.
  8. Is the Hershey bar the same everywhere in the world?

    • The Hershey bar, while universally recognized, may have slight variations in taste and formulation depending on the region. This is due to factors like differing milk processing techniques, cocoa sources, and local taste preferences. So, while the brand and general flavor profile remain consistent, there might be subtle differences in taste across countries.
  9. How are candies and chocolates made?

    • The production process varies based on the type of candy. Chocolate bars, for instance, involve harvesting cacao, fermenting and roasting beans, grinding them into a liquid, and then adding ingredients like sugar and milk. Candies, like gummies, involve gelatin or pectin and are flavored and shaped accordingly. Many candies are a result of a blend of science, tradition, and artistry.
  10. Are there any health benefits to eating chocolate candies?

  • Dark chocolate, in moderation, has been linked to several health benefits, including improved heart health, reduced inflammation, and potential mood enhancement. This is primarily due to the presence of antioxidants and certain bioactive compounds. However, it's essential to choose chocolate candies with high cocoa content and consume them responsibly, as many are also high in sugar and calories.