Earth Day Inspired Bouquet

   Every year on April 22, Earth Day marks the anniversary of the birth of the modern environmental movement in 1970. Today, Earth Day is widely recognized as the largest secular observance in the world, marked by more than a billion people every year as a day of action to change human behavior and create global, national and local policy changes.

   Now, the fight for a clean environment continues with increasing urgency, as the ravages of climate change become more and more apparent every day.

   In the light of the event that is coming up on the April 22nd, WOWBouquet has created an amazing bouquet made entirely out of vegetables!

   Bouquets made from fruits and vegetables is the new trend in United States. We as a #1 Food-Florist in America, actively expanding this new gift idea. The idea of the bouquet is not just to look beautiful but also be useful. Our Bouquets are bright in colors, tasteful, gorgeous and most importantly they are healthy. Our bouquets are something new and designed for people who want to impress someone with a bouquet that no one has seen before!

What is Fruit Arrangement? 

   Strawberries, apples, pears, oranges, broccoli, peppers, tomatoes - it's not your shopping list, but those are main ingredients of our bouquets. Process of assembling any bouquet starts with picking out the most freshest fruits and vegetables. Every time we put a bouquet together, we have to keep in mind the color combination of the bouquet and what the end result is. Fruits and vegetables and flowers, must all go well together. Once the bouquet is assembled the customer gets to enjoy the beauty of the bouquet, taste the fruits and vegetables. Any flowers that were in the bouquet, a person can put into a vase with water the old fashioned way and continue to enjoy looking at beautiful flowers.

Why Vegetable Bouquet?

   Summer is coming up, barbecue parties and backyard grilling activities are starting up and one of the main questions for everyone is "What should I bring to the BBQ"? What if we told you that we solved that problem?

Vegetable bouquet by the grill

   Who would've thought that few years ago, broccoli, red peppers, zucchini, carrots and potatoes would be not just a part of our table but put into a bouquet that you can gift to someone! This bouquet will turn heads and will be the talk of the party of how practical and useful, yet stunning the bouquet is. Any vegetarian, vegan or people who follow the healthy life style this arrangement would be a unique find. The originality of these bouquets will be admired. Once the bouquet is ready to be grilled, you take the vegetables off of the skewers and throw it on the grill. Its as simple as that!

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In Conclusion

   In conclusion, Food-Bouquets are very useful and unique arrangements to surprise your friends and family! We are happy to create more unique arrangements for any type of holiday and event. Make sure to check out section for upcoming Mother's Day arrangements!

Thank you!